Little Project No. 4...the rack

When my son was little, I found myself making far too many trips to the den toy basket with scattered pieces of little toy collections. I seemed to be forever finding remnants here and there left behind in play...action figures, cars, Lego, Lego and more Lego, but not just in the den or his bedroom. They somehow always found their way to the dining room table, the kitchen, even the bathroom. 

In an effort to establish some sense of organization for us both, I decided to stitch up toy bags. Made from muslin I had tea-dyed, sewing more straight lines on the sewing machine, following a bit of stenciling on the fabric pieces of primitive/Early American style graphics...a rocking horse, the alphabet etc., I hung them in his room from a pine shaker peg board antiqued in Trading Post Red.  Those bags were so well loved and used to no end...not to mention, looked great displayed in his room!  Altho there could be no bag big enough to house his endless collection of Lego, they did hold perfectly, his Ninja Turtles, Tonkas, transformers etc. allowing him to easily tote from upstairs to down without being confined to one area of play or dragging an entire basket behind him. Staying organized was now a breeze and he did so on his own without even realizing.  Because they were so practical, the same for Eliza would be a must!  Not really wanting a shaker peg board for her room tho and with something more feminine in mind, this was the chosen method. 

I took one of our Happily Ever After signs created by us here at My Painted Porch and had my husband add 2 pces of molding across the top and install 3 glass knobs (e-Bay), I then painted and treated the molding to finish it off. I love this sign...always speaks to me of endless possibilities and hope...of course, with an old world flare.

Little Project #5...the toybags

Lizzy's toybags, were made of muslin again but again, I was wanting something more feminine and shabby cottage looking with a bit of a ballerina'll find basic instructions below if you might like to attempt these or something similar!

I had found graphics online, altering a bit on my computer to include the words “Imagine”, “Dream”, “Believe”. I then mirrored the image, printed on to transfer paper from my computer, and ironed the transfers to the 14 x 18” fabric faces. I found the transfers a bit shiny and stiff, so ironed over the fabric again with wax paper for a few seconds, and peeled off. What that left me with was a vintage, aged effect with a softer graphic. Turning them outside in, I sewed a rod pocket across the top, a seam allowance along the sides and bottom of an inch or so, turned inside out again, fed a thin rope about jute thickness through the rod pockets and voila!  Except now of course, they accommodate Barbies and all things girly-girl! 

Stay tuned for All Things Girly-Girl's Little Project #6...a window treatment.  

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  1. It is Beautiful!!!! I love it & what a great idea for a gift! I would love to make one of these for each of my 3 daughters. Can you tell me where you found the stencil? I love & have you saved to my Favs blogs list. Keep up the good post!!! LOL! :)