Little Project No. 2...the bed

We then bought a new mattress and support board only 2” thick, as opposed to a full size box spring of 7”, so that she would still have the ability to sit on her bed without great effort for little legs springing from the floor. I then set out to find bedding or fabrics etc. to make bedding and accessories...again, not so easy to do with one very small fabric shop with not a huge inventory to choose from. I really didn’t want to go with Disney and all of the commercial bedding that’s available out there and everywhere for kids, and she seemed not set on any one in particular, so keeping her love of pink in mind, and mine for 'feminine', we found this...

Again, with the ability to sew not much more than a straight line (but by now like no other), her pillow sham I made from a meter of a floral pattern from a bolt I found at our fabric shop. Her neck roll cushion, I made from a nursery fabric package bought at a local department was the pink chenille I was after but also included a soft green ticking which is what I ended up using. I was able to still make use of a few of the throw cushions from her nursery bedding I had sewn before she was born, as they still worked for the odd accent and opted for an easy to find, ivory coverlet with matching pillow sham, bedsheets sets in solid pink, and other in solid white with eyelet hem with the intention of mixing and matching.

Little Project No. 3...a lamp

Her lamp was one I had picked up at our local department store when first decorating her nursery. The shade was a plain ivory and the base a dark wood, so I sponge painted the shade, glued on a strip of beads, painted the base a cream color, sanded here and there and was absolutely pleased with the end result. Couldn’t have dreamed it up better myself! Ha, as of course, I did!

to be continued...

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  1. Very nice Les..

  2. Linda Letarte10:49 PM

    Left me wanting more and more!,,

  3. Thanks so much ladies for leaving your kind comments...they're truly appreciated far more than you know! Who'd have thought having a little girl could be so much fun!?