Little Project No. 6...a memory board

With all that Lizzy has come to experience and know in her short 4 years of life thus far, there are moments when you have a piece of memorabilia that you get to bring home, but which often ends up in the bill pile, or stowed away in a cabinet.  Or a schedule from daycare that lets us know what activities our kids are partaking in on any given day, with some activities dictating how little ones need to be dressed for the occasion.  So I thought filling that need, a memory board would be perfect for her room, and it is! 

In searching for an interesting frame for the board, I had gone to a local dept store to buy one new, but then found one between the display racks, which was quite large in size with the picture glass broken.  I made my way to the cash with both a new one to pay for and out of concern for little ones in the store, the broken one for the saleslady to remove from the floor.  But then, of course, it donned on me while waiting in line at the cash, “they’re going to throw this out when there's nothing wrong with the frame”!  So before she disposed of it, I asked her if I could take it for $5.  I know, go ahead, say it...I’m shameless!  To make matters worse, after bringing both home, I found the frame of the broken picture to be the perfect size once I held it to her wall! So I repainted and distressed that, and returned the other. Now you can say it! 

I had my husband cut a pce of sturdy particleboard to size, covering that with batting, stapled a pce of the leftover fabric from her pillow sham over the face of the board and onto the back, attached ribbon in a diamond pattern across the front, to the back again with staples. I then hammered in upholstery tacks at intersections, and she now has a place for displaying her special memoires and activity schedule to remind us that today, we need our swimsuit and beach towel for a morning at the waterpark!

Little Project No. 7...her wall letters

I had seen wooden letters online, suspended with ribbon, which I really liked the look of for a child’s room.  Of course, why buy when you can create your own, or think you can, so I printed out letters of a font to spell her name, and had my carpenter (aka Honey) cut them out of wood.  I then painted them, sanded sporadically and waxed...then finished them off with stapling pink bows to the backs for displaying.  We love these too!

to be continued next week with project no. 8 - a sweet window treatment 

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  1. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Absolutely LOVE what you have done to Eliza's room. (Didn't mind seeing our program on her memory board either I might add. ;) I love doing Elyse's room over and, truth be told, I'm probably more anxious to redecorate it than she is! Tell Eliza Miss Stacy said her room is beautiful, just like her. :)

  2. Lovely designs looks really cute. I'm sure your daughter loved it.